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Hello and welcome to the Paranormal Hall of Fame. This organization was formed to give thanks and credit due to people in the paranormal industry, in all genres of the paranormal, both past and present.

The Paranormal Hall of Fame is a factual / merit-based system (recognition of a person's achievements) for all inductees in a variety of genres and categories.

There is no voting for inductees due to the fact we are factual / merit-based (recognition of a person's achievements). Our researchers/vetting look at the factual merit of the individual, invention, contribution along with documented proof much like forming a Wikipedia page. 

The Paranormal Hall of Fame was created to preserve the facts and merits of the Paranormal industry for generations to come.

Research / Vetting is conducted by Galaxy Executive Research Dept Coordinator R. James.

All current inductees have been vetted and certified as legitimate inductees.

Deborie Pembroke installed as President and Ron Kerner Installed as Vice President.

If you know someone that qualifies or if you do visit our website and fill out the form.


To preserve the factual merit based aspects of the paranormal (all genres) for generations to come.


We welcome all to suggest inductees by downloading our inductee form. We are a fact merit based system.  We do not charge the inductee any fees. We only ask for donation to maintain this site.


You are our best supporters. We need your comments, advice and ideas. Get on our mailing list and push us on social media.

History can be enlighteing
parafame Attila von Szalay KO use.jpg

Di d you know that American photographer Attila von Szalay was among the first to try recording what he believed to be voices of the dead as a way to augment his investigations in photographing ghosts? He began his attempts in 1941 using a 78 rpm record.  

Did you know Konstantin Raudive created the classification for EVPs? Electronic Voice Phenomena   “Class A” as the highest quality example, “Class B” as a good quality example and “Class C” as the poorest and most typical recorded samples. 

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